Katie began her small business dyeing fabric in the bathtub of her college apartment and teaching herself how to use a sewing machine. Her love for interior decoration and art has generated her small business designing home textiles.

Her career in graphic design has given her a strong foundation in pattern creation. Katie uses endless methods to create her patterns including dyeing, drawing, painting, photography, stamping and more. She uses digital tools to bring them to life on linen. While each pattern is originally created by hand by Katie, the patterns are digitized in order to be reproduced.

Drawing inspiration from natural elements of the Eastern coastline - her collections aim to tell a story that is distinct but also fits in every home. At KKD, we aim to create pieces that help you craft a space to connect with loved ones as well as find solace. In addition to inspiration from her beach town roots, Katie also draws expression from her experiences traveling, the most inspiring being Africa.